North Pole Montessori

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North Pole Montessori School’s mission is to provide an environment which is both safe and enjoyable for children in their early learning years.


Through the community built within North Pole Montessori School, we strive to provide a fun and safe environment using the Montessori Method and materials to support our educational philosophy. We encourage children to engage in an independent and self-paced exploration of the materials to build upon the child’s natural desire to learn. In doing so we are able to instill a love of learning which should travel well beyond the Preschool/Kindergarten/Lower & Upper Elementary years into the rest of a child’s educational journey.

The staff leads by example as they are trained in the educational necessity of meeting a child’s needs in the four categories of development; social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. This allows for the methodology and work of Maria Montessori in truly following the child as they explore and expand in their natural desire to learn. The staff is meant to work in the role of a guide rather than a teacher to better assist each child’s growth during their time in the program.

Student Spotlight

As we close out our 3rd quarter, we are reflecting on the amazing growth we have seen take place in our Children’s House and Elementary classrooms. This student, in particular, has become an incredible leader. She is making beautiful leaps in her own educational journey and always willing to step up to help younger students. S is a lover of animals and the environment. She has shown content connections in all subject areas and is always willing to share her incredible knowledge. Even more impressive is her ability to ask questions when she is unsure. We have enjoyed watching her grow over the past 2 years and we cannot wait to see what her future holds!

Student Spotlight

“A”, Lower Elementary

“A” joined us as a first year lower elementary student for the 20-21 school year. She exudes kindness and is always willing to offer a helping hand. She is a born leader and is always excited to learn something new. We recently did a large group lesson discussing funding, fundraising, and project planning. Our fundraising efforts fell a bit short of our goal, but we were able to complete our project nonetheless. “A” showed her huge heart by bringing in some hard earned coins and a heartfelt card to donate to our funding ❤️ We appreciate her smile and kind heart and cannot wait to continue to watch her grow!!