Closure March 16-20

We had to make the tough decision to follow the NSBSD closure for next week. With travel over spring break and the true uncertainty of what happening, we simply can’t risk the safety of our children, staff, and families. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this causes and have every intent of being open March 23. If that becomes a decision out of our control, we will share the information as soon as we receive it. Current families check your email and Facebook as we are planning to put together some help in distance learning ideas over this coming week.

What is Garden Camp?

We are excited to begin offering camps during our school closure times. Our first camp will take place over the week of April 27-May 1. For the remainder of March and most of April, we will be covering nutrition and health topics. This is always a really amazing unit and one which will lead nicely into gardening. For those attending camp, they will get the head start in designing our outdoor garden, checking in on our sprouts growing in the classroom, and have the chance to design their own take-home pot and plant.

Camps are available from 9am-3pm Monday-Friday, no before or after school options will be available. A child can attend 1-5 days with a $40/day or $200/week fee. Staff and space are limited, so please be sure to contact one of us to secure your spot!

Gearing Up

Greetings and Happy Weekend!

Heading into our new school year we wanted to make a few announcements/reminders. The Parent Handbook has been updated to reflect our new Private School classification and can be found under the Parent Resource tab. Also, as our temperatures slowly remind of us of our impending Fall and Winter weather, please review the required gear for children. For the next month, we HIGHLY recommend at least a light jacket, rain boots, and even a light pair of gloves to be in cubbies. Waterproof is best as children have no fear of rolling around in the rain or on the wet ground (one of the greater joys of childhood!). We will also have our new school gear (in both child and adult sizes) available near the beginning of September, i.e whenever the box arrives 🙂 Finally, we are in the interview process for an additional afternoon/after school Assistant. We hope to have the position filled by the end of next week! Meet the teacher information will go up as soon as we confirm our new team member.

Parent Meeting

Greetings! We hope this finds everyone feeling warm and enjoying the summer. For all parents of children attending for the 2019-2020 school year we will be meeting on Tuesday 6/25 from 4:30-6 at the school. We are excited to get a chance to meet everyone and share some fun and exciting news happening in our NPM community. Light refreshments will be available and we will be prompt to get everyone home for dinner! See you next week 🙂


We have worked to release the schedule for 2020 well in advance for vacation planning. As a year round school we offer shorter breaks throughout the year while providing a greater number of contact days for children in comparison to a normal school district schedule. This model is meant to provide a better opportunity to follow the child in their educational journey. We hope you all find these breaks refreshing and have a chance to spend some quality time with your children! As always thank you for providing any necessary feedback and placing commitment to Early Childhood Education!


Hello everyone!! In case you don’t follow us on social media we want to share we’ve moved and gotten settled in nicely! This past weekend we had an Open House with a little Easter egg hunt which was a great turnout.

We are also experiencing a bit of traffic for the former business of our new location, so we are working to get our new sign printed. I was a bit shocked at the price tag and decided we should try our hand at a little fundraiser. We have already sold enough t-shirts to have a guaranteed print with our campaign. If you would like to grab a soft summer shirt and help our little school, please visit the link below. As always thank you for supporting our program and Early Childhood Education in interior Alaska!!