The First Week!

We are quickly approaching the conclusion of our first week and I am so proud to acknowledge the success it has been. We have worked in creating lessons, spent plenty of time outside, and learned a great deal about each other. We look forward to the future as we work to build our community and spread the word of the importance of Early Childhood Education and our passion for the Montessori Method. We are planning an open house within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for dates and times. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


What a summer day looks like…

One of my favorite aspects of the Montessori curriculum is it’s association to real life learning and tasks. In Alaska, we often only experience a couple amazing summer months. This means learning can be done outside of the traditional classroom where children have the chance at a bit more freedom and can soak up the essential vitamin D offered by the sun.

Today we spent the afternoon working on reading and numbers along with hand eye coordination with the use of screws/screwdrivers and the important pincer grip that segways to holding a pencil correctly. We did all of this building a chicken coop! We worked with sharing in the social development category by taking turns watering plants in the garden.


The events are exciting for children and adults alike. We all get the chance to learn, bond, and grow. Best of all the children would not be likely to say they “did nothing” when asked about their day at school.

Learning for Life!

North Pole Montessori

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North Pole Montessori’s mission is to provide an environment which is both safe and enjoyable for children in their early learning years.


Through the community built within North Pole Montessori, we strive to provide a fun and safe environment using the Montessori Method and materials to support our educational philosophy. We encourage children to engage in an independent and self-paced exploration of the materials to build upon the child’s natural desire to learn. In doing so we are able to instill a love of learning which should travel well beyond the Preschool/Kindergarten/Lower Elementary years into the rest of a child’s educational journey.

The staff leads by example as they are trained in the educational necessity of meeting a child’s needs in the four categories of development; social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. This allows for the methodology and work of Maria Montessori in truly following the child as they explore and expand in their natural desire to learn. The staff is meant to work in the role of a guide rather than a teacher to better assist each child’s growth during their time in the program.