Gearing Up

Greetings and Happy Weekend!

Heading into our new school year we wanted to make a few announcements/reminders. The Parent Handbook has been updated to reflect our new Private School classification and can be found under the Parent Resource tab. Also, as our temperatures slowly remind of us of our impending Fall and Winter weather, please review the required gear for children. For the next month, we HIGHLY recommend at least a light jacket, rain boots, and even a light pair of gloves to be in cubbies. Waterproof is best as children have no fear of rolling around in the rain or on the wet ground (one of the greater joys of childhood!). We will also have our new school gear (in both child and adult sizes) available near the beginning of September, i.e whenever the box arrives 🙂 Finally, we are in the interview process for an additional afternoon/after school Assistant. We hope to have the position filled by the end of next week! Meet the teacher information will go up as soon as we confirm our new team member.

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