Montessori Curriculum

Montessori curriculum is divided into 5 separate categories. The Christmas break was spent reorganizing and bringing in the New Year with a stronger focus on each of these curriculum categories. The goal with this short blog is to bring a better understanding of what children may be discussing when they go home. More information about specific lessons will soon be uploaded to the Parent Resources tab.



The senses: see, touch, smell, taste, hear, & touch with movement.

Sensorial materials are often referred to as self-correcting.

Practical Life


Generally, the introduction into Montessori is done with lessons in this category.

Care of Self- buttoning, zipping, washing hands.

Care of Environment- watering plants, sweeping, wiping tables.

Language Arts





Numbers, numbers, and more numbers!

Cultural Studies


Subjects covered include zoology, geography, science, botany, foreign language, and the study of counties, religions, and holidays.


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